VLC Player 2014 Windows 8 Download

VLC Player 2014 Windows 8 Download

VLC Player 2014 Windows 8 review

VLC Player 2014 Windows 8 is the most mainstream and hearty multi configuration, free media player accessible. The open source media player was publically discharged in 2001 by non-benefit association Videolan Project. VLC Media Player rapidly got to be exceptionally well known because of its flexible multi-group playback capacities. It was helped by similarity and codec issues which rendered contender media players like Quicktime, Windows and Real Media Player pointless to numerous famous feature and music document positions. The simple, fundamental UI and enormous cluster of customization alternatives have authorized VLC Media Player's position at the highest point of the free media players. 

VLC Player 2014 Windows 8 plays practically any feature or music document position you can discover. At its start this was an unrest contrasted with the default media players most individuals were utilizing that frequently smashed or showed "codecs missing" mistake messages when attempting to play media indexes. VLC can play MPEG, AVI, RMBV, FLV, Quicktime, WMV, Mp4 and a shed heap of other media record groups. For a full rundown of perfect record arrangements please click here. Not just can VLC Media Player handle heaps of distinctive arrangements, VLC can additionally playback halfway or inadequate media documents so you can see downloads before they complete. 

Simple to Use 
VLC's UI is certainly an instance of capacity over magnificence. The fundamental look does however make the player amazingly simple to utilize. Basically modifiable indexes to play or open them utilizing records and envelopes then utilize the exemplary media route catches to play, stop, stop, skip, alter playback pace, change the volume, splendor, and so on. A colossal mixed bag of skins and customization choices mean the standard manifestation shouldn't be sufficient to avert you picking VLC as your default media player. 

Progressed Options 
Don't let VLC Media Player's straightforward interface numb-skull you, inside the playback, sound, feature, devices and perspective tabs are a tremendous mixture of player alternatives. You can play with synchronization settings incorporating a realistic equalizer with numerous presets, overlays, enhancements, Atmolight feature impacts, sound spatializer and adaptable extent packing settings. You can even add subtitles to features by adding the SRT index to the feature's organizer. 

VLC Player 2014 Windows 8 is essentially the most adaptable, stable and top notch free media player accessible. It has rightly overwhelmed the free media player market for over 10 years now and appears as though it might for an additional 10 years because of the steady improvement and change by Videolan Org.

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